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Name Peyton Place
Number of Archive records 8
Number of Library records 2
Number of Object records 1
Number of Photo records 0

Associated Records

Image of Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.113

Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.113

Red covered scrapbook containing approximately 100 photographs along with clippings and memorabilia relating to Peyton Place, which was filmed in 1957 in the towns of Camden, Belfast, Rockport, Rockland, Lincolnville and Thomaston. The drama received nine Academy Award Nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress - Lana Turner, Best (adapted) Screenplay. Directed by Mark Robson.

Image of Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.27

Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.27

Peyton Place scrapbook containing various newspaper clippings.

Image of Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.56

Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.56

Scrapbook containing various newspaper clippings and memos relating to the planning of the Camden Film Festival, May 5-7, 2000, which featured the 1957 movie "Peyton Place."

Scrapbook - WHC 2009.194

Scrapbook of Peyton Place clippings and photos, compiled by Camden resident Glenna Rollins (Drinkwater), aged 15.

Image of DVD - WHC 2009.141

DVD - WHC 2009.141

DVD Peyton Place.

Manuscript - WHC 2009.194

The original script for the film "Peyton Place," signed by Jerry Wald and Mark Robson.

Scrapbook - WHC 2009.194

Scrapbook of clippings and photos related to the filming of "Peyton Place."

Image of Scrapbook - WHC 2013.18

Scrapbook - WHC 2013.18

Scrapbook created by Doris Pitcher, librarian at Camden Public Library, Camden, Me., during the filming of Peyton Place in 1957, with other items added by later librarians. Based on a controversial novel of the same title by Grace Metalious, the film version of Peyton Place sparked controversy as well when 20th Century Fox attempted to secure a filming location. Camden became immersed in the movie, footage being filed the last two weeks of June in 1957, with approximately 500 townspeople involved as extras or stand-ins. Chiefly includes movie stills (1957), correspondence, and newspaper clippings (1957-1958) relating to the filming in Camden. Includes a map of filming locations in and around

Image of Poster, Theater - WHC 2008.87

Poster, Theater - WHC 2008.87

Series of 5 framed movie posters of Peyton Place.

Image of Magazine - CAHC 2008.133

Magazine - CAHC 2008.133

Life Magazine issue from 26 August 1957 with article on the filming of Peyton Place in Camden, Maine.

Image of Magazine - WHC 2014.45

Magazine - WHC 2014.45

September 2014 issue of Maine Seniors Magazine with a feature article on the filming of Peyton Place in Camden (pages 64-75). Gift of the author as a thank you for use of the History Center resources.