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Name Hope
Details Hope, Maine:

Incorporated as a town in 1804.

Earliest settlement begins in 1768 when the Twenty Asosciates became the sole proprietors of the land that would eventually become the towns of Camden, Hope, Appleton, Montville and a part of Liberty.

Land ownership granted by the Plymouth Company of England in 1629 gave John Beauchamp of London and Thomas Leverett of Boston the "Muscongus Grant." The land was not surveyed and was assumed to be approximately 600,000 acres located between the Muscongus and Penobscot rivers.

About 1720, merchants of southern New England began to take interest in the Maine forests. Timber supply for ships and masts and home building supplies in England and the southern colonies began to dwindle. Agents for the Royal Navy as well as timber merchants such as the Waldos of Boston, the Wentworths of New Hampshire, and the Col. Thomas Westbrook of Stroudwater in Casco Bay all began to look for new sources.

A grandson of Thomas Leverett, serving as president Harvard College, was encouraged to look into the Maine lands he had inhereited (original Muscongus Grant). Finding it difficult to establish himself as sole proprietor, he set up an association called the "Ten Associates" where the shares were divided between himself and others.

One share was given to Spencer Phips, an adopted son and heir of Sir William Phips, who had in May 1694 bought this land from Indian Chief Madockawando, unaware of the existence of teh Muscongus Grant. This cleared up conflicting claims between the Leveretts and the Phipses. Two shares were given to Elisha Cook; one share to a son of Gov. Bradford; one each to Nathaniel Hubbard, Hannah Davis, Rebecca Lloyd and Sarah Byefield, descendants of the original Thomas Leverett. Two share he kept for himself. This group was known as the "Ten Associates."

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Number of Library records 11
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Associated Records

Image of Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.113

Scrapbook - CAHC 2006.113

Red covered scrapbook containing approximately 100 photographs along with clippings and memorabilia relating to Peyton Place, which was filmed in 1957 in the towns of Camden, Belfast, Rockport, Rockland, Lincolnville and Thomaston. The drama received nine Academy Award Nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress - Lana Turner, Best (adapted) Screenplay. Directed by Mark Robson.

Image of Map - CAHC 2007.3

Map - CAHC 2007.3

Maps (3) of Megunticook Lake and Norton's Pond Camden, Lincolnville and Hope Townships Knox and Waldo Counties Scale: 5" = 1 mile Originally drawn by Brampton Parker in 1948 and revised by the Megunticook Watershed Association in 1990

Image of Disk, Magnetic - WHC 2008.97

Disk, Magnetic - WHC 2008.97

CD of transcriptions from every headstone in cemeteries located in Knox County, Maine.

Image of Manuscript - WHC 2010.31

Manuscript - WHC 2010.31

Descendancy chart for William Hathorn (1576-1650). Includes Hathorne, Hawthorne, Bird, Annis, Mero, Metcalf, Wetherbee, Cushing, Bird / Burd, Jagels, Boggs, Hathaway, Park, Lermond, Wentworth, Gilmor names. 20 pages.

Manuscript - WHC 2011.2

Five pages of handwritten notes on the genealogy of the Fletcher family of Camden, Maine and surrounding area. Material is drawn largely from the "Vital Records of Camden and Rockport, Maine" by Marlene Groves. Includes a 2-page report on the Fletchers that were known to be in the Civil War. Family names mentioned are Fletcher, Harden, Harding, Thorndike, Brown, Davis, Studley, Carleton, Shibles, Davis, Rankin, Mero, Knight, Perry, Bartlett, Ingraham, Prescott, Ogier, Barbour, Borden, Packard, Patterson, Humphrey, Young, Richards, and Heal.

Image of Disk, Magnetic - WHC 2013.1

Disk, Magnetic - WHC 2013.1

Interview September 1, 2006 with Robert Crabtree in Camden, Maine. Interview conducted by Barbara Dyer and Paul Putnam (volunteers) and for the Camden Area History Center. Born in Lynn, MA on 29 March 1915 to Raymond Crabtree and Elsie Watson, they moved to the family farm in south Hope, Maine. Bob worked at F.J. Wiley Grain Company at 4 Union Street in Camden. Also sold insurance. Talks about fire department, board of selectmen, Snow Bowl, Businessmen's Club, the family blueberry business and the Great Depression.

Image of Collection - WHC 2013.13

Collection - WHC 2013.13

Box of letters, photographs and ephemera from the Pendleton home on Barnestown Road in Hope. Some are letters to and from Philip Pendleton during his service in the South Pacific in World War II. Also included are 2 large framed portraits of Pendleton and Barnes family members and one charcoal portrait by Will Hall of William Barnes, great-great-grandfather of the donor. Will Hall was a talented artist who married Sarah "Effie" Barnes, daughter of William Barnes. There is also one cardboard matted picture of Edna St. Vincent Millay, aged about 15, with 2 adults and several high school classmates including Henry Treat Pendleton. Pages from family bible recording birth, marriages & deaths.

Image of Ledger - WHC 2014.36

Ledger - WHC 2014.36

Account book of shopkeeper James Curtis (1781- of Camden, Maine 1812-1816. It records transactions of approximately 180 early settlers of Camden and Hope. James Curtis may have been the brother of Captain Calvin Curtis (1777-1828), town clerk of Camden in 1811 and customs collector.

Image of Book - CPL 2006.72

Book - CPL 2006.72

Oral histories collected for the Bicentennial Celebration of the Town of Hope, Maine by students of Hope School. During a six week period in the spring of 2003. 6th, 7th and 8th grade students interviewed longtime residents of the town "to learn a bit about what life was like years ago in their town." Fifty-nine stories were displayed at the 8th grade graduation and at the Town Meeting; twenty highlighted in this collection. Project made possislbe by generous support from MBNA, the Hope Historical Society and the Hope Bicentennial Committee.

Image of Book - CPL 2006.73

Book - CPL 2006.73

Comprehensive history of Hope, Maine. Part I: Early Years (1790's-1800); Part II: 1804-1814; Part II: 1815-1850; Part IV: Mid Century Years; Part V: After the Civil War; Part VI: Twentieth Century; Part VII: Vital Records. Extensive bibliographic notes section preceding everyname index.

Image of Book - CPL 2007.174

Book - CPL 2007.174

A genealogy of William Hewett 1749-1826 starting with the Hewett family records in Warrington, England, 1600. Includes information about the Wentworth-Payson-Hewett relationships, Sarah Thomas' 1950 genealogy of John Hewett, Hewett reunions, Travels and Letters of Marcus L. Hewett, Travels and Journal of Simon C. Hewett, Biography of William Sherman Hewett I, as well as miscellaneous records, maps and photographs.

Image of Book - CPL 2008.175

Book - CPL 2008.175

Land Use Ordinance for Hope, ME. Outlines rules and zoning laws for proper land use, permits required, penalties, etc. Adopted 1987, revised 1988 and 1990.

Image of Book - WHC 2008.42

Book - WHC 2008.42

Ten generations of descendants are recorded in modified Register format from 1742 until the present in both male and female lines who migrated from Massachusetts to Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont, New York, Iowa, and Canada before 1860 and to many states hereafter.

Image of Book - WHC 2009.59

Book - WHC 2009.59

Brief histories of the 16 towns, 2 plantations and Rockland within the borders of Knox County. Also includes an official history of Knox County. Lists businesses, churches, and fraternal organizations.

Image of Magazine - WHC 2011.11

Magazine - WHC 2011.11

Series of oral histories and stories of local residents as interviewed by Camden-Rockport High School students.

Image of Magazine - WHC 2011.11

Magazine - WHC 2011.11

Series of oral histories and stories of local residents as interviewed by Camden-Rockport High School students.

Image of Magazine - WHC 2011.11

Magazine - WHC 2011.11

Series of oral histories and stories of local residents as interviewed by Camden-Rockport High School students.

Image of Book - WHC 2012.24

Book - WHC 2012.24

History of "Richmont," the Rich family estate on Rt. 105 in Hope, Maine. Purchased in 1991 by singer Don McLean, it is now called by its former name "Lakeview." Built circa 1907, the property was purchased in 1914 by Henry Haven Windsor, a wealthy businessman from Chicago. Upon Windsor's death from influenza, Walter J. Rich, Sr. of New York City bought the 180-acre property in 1924 as a summer home and renamed it "Richmont," and the property remained in the Rich family until 1966.

Image of Book - WHC 2014.17

Book - WHC 2014.17

Volume of transcription of the social news of Hope, Maine 1888-1907.

Image of Negative, Glass-plate - CHRC 2011.4

Negative, Glass-plate - CHRC 2011.4

Glass plate negative of a 1916 map of Camden, Maine. Map shows parts of Lincolnville, Hope, Union, Warren, and Rockland, including lakes, ponds, roads and mountains. Copyright by J.R. Prescott of Newtonville, Massachusetts dated 1916. Map was likely used in his "Glimpses of Camden" series of tourism books published at the turn of the century.